1770 tweeling ovl Klundert

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scan 91
4-feb Gerrit & Susanna Geerdina, tweelingen ... kinderen van Adriaan Baks en Elizabeth van Mourik.


scan 4
1-mrt-1770 overleeden kind van Adriaan Baks
10-mrt-1770 overleeden kind van Adriaan Baks

So sad that gender was not mentioned! Otherwise, everything looks straight forward. Yet I found several authors on genealogieonline.nl that have published Susanna died 7-mrt-1770 and Gerrit died 19-mrt-1770.

Is there another document with different details? I could not find any.

mvg, Frank

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Frank Bax zei op 24 juni 2020 om 00:54 uur

The deaths I mentioned were recorded in "Deel 23". After death of Elizabeth van Mourik; Adriaan married Johanna Clement. A still born death on 18-09-1774 is recorded in both "Deel 23" and "Deel 24". Link to "Deel 24" here:
Pagina 6 of 16 is mrt-1770; but deaths of twins were not recorded in this book.

Frank Bax zei op 24 juni 2020 om 01:46 uur

I typed that second note too quickly; I should have looked more closely at the dates. Deel 23 and Deel 24 recorded different events in 1774.
It seems Adriaan Baks and Johanna Clement also had twins.
Petronella, born 16-09-1774, baptized 18-09-1774.
Deel 23 (07of16) records death and burial on 03-10-1774 (Petronella).
Deel 24 (11of16) records burial of stillbirth on 18-09-1774.
Why are these burials recorded in different books?

Helena zei op 25 juni 2020 om 06:35 uur

No way of telling which child of the young twins in 1770 died first when the only note you can find is: 1-mrt-1770 overleden kind van Adriaan Baks and 10-mrt-1770 overleden kind van Adriaan Baks.

Re: Gaarder begraven. These 'gaarder registers' were more of a bookkeeping/ revenue registers. Local authorities had to keep a register of the reported bodies for burial and the intended marriages since tax ("impost") was collected on these occassions. This tax existed between 1695 and 1805.

The difference between these two books is: tax to pay <-> nothing to pay.
- Gaarder Begraven 1765-1805 (deel 23) 1765-1805
- Gaarder Begraven *Pro Deo* 1765-1777 (deel 24) 1765-1777 << pro deo ( no tax to be paid (poverty? ) )

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