BHIC site broken links

vertelde op 30 november 2019 om 04:18 uur

On this page ...
The links for "Gevangenisregisters" and "Militieregisters" are broken.

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Helena zei op 30 november 2019 om 04:39 uur

Probeer het nog eens...misschien was het slechts tijdelijk ( onderhoud/roll-over?)
Merk er hier op het zuidelijk halfrond toch niets van. (Firefox).

Frank Bax zei op 30 november 2019 om 04:57 uur

Still broken here with Chrome; link redirects to

Maurice zei op 30 november 2019 om 14:08 uur

Hi Frank,

I tried the links in Internet Explorer and Firefox and you're right: they show you some sort of empty space on this site in the 'Stamboom' section.

But you can work around it: click on 'Stamboom', then you'll see several options and the two on the left say 'gevangenisregisters' and 'militieregisters'. If you click on them you get the database with 'gevangenisregisters' and 'militieregisters' filters already active ...

Helena zei op 30 november 2019 om 20:46 uur

Had de vraag niet goed gelezen.
Inderdaad, via die aangegeven site werkt het bij mij (met firefox) ook niet.

Via die site heb ik nooit eerder gezocht ;-)

Hilde Jansma
Hilde Jansma bhic zei op 2 december 2019 om 10:00 uur

Hi Frank,

The webpage you mentioned is rather old, which is why some of the links on there do not work anymore (several parts of our website have been updated since). Therefore, I advise you to use our newest 'wat zit er in?' webpage instead:
As you will probably have noticed, this newest 'wat zit er in?' overview does not mention the prison registries or the army registries. Luckily, they are still part of our website, as Helena and Maurice have already shown you. You can use Maurice's instructions to go directly to a search engine, via which you can search your way through both registries. Via these hyperlinks you can find them as you previously could; completely scanned but not accessible via keyword search:
Army registries-,%22search_s_type_title%22:%7B%22v%22:%22militieregisters%22%7D%7D
Prison registries-,%22search_s_type_title%22:%7B%22v%22:%22gevangenisregisters%22%7D%7D

I hope this will help you to continue your research!

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